Episode 9.5 – After A Day At School

August 22, 2013

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This family short story is an original story and all characters are created by me.

All characters depicted, names used, and incidents portrayed in this story are fictitious. No identification with actual persons is intended nor should be inferred. Any resemblance of the characters portrayed to actual persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.

The registered trademarks mentioned in this story are © of their respective owners. No infringement of their rights is intended, and no profit is gained.

No real need for other disclaimers in this one. It’s light, cute, and all that other snuggly stuff.

No sex (although it is hinted at) and no murder/violence. This is a little filler between episodes, for no particular reason other than I felt like writing it.

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Thanks to my beta-reader for his continued help and support. And thanks to my readers for their encouraging feedback.

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16:00 – 18:00 hours


Shannon Anne Carson’s mouth formed a circle as she walked out of the school gates with her good friend, Sian. CJ stood tall in front of her, before side-stepping to let Shannon get a clear view of their new, navy-blue car.

“Hi, Mommy. Which one is it?”

“That big one right there, Shan,” CJ said, pointing to the big sedan behind her.

“Ooh, it’s really pretty!”

“It sure is, huh? I’m glad you like it. Mama chose the color too.”

“I like blue. Look, Sian. It’s our new car.”

Standing slightly taller than Shannon, Sian came forward to stand next to her. Her dark, short hair and her beautifully smooth skin – which Sian had proudly said she inherited from her Asian mother – seemed to glow in the afternoon sun. Her smile as she nodded at Shannon just added to her kind face. “It’s very nice. Why did you get a new car?”

Shannon’s features grew quite serious. “We had a car crash. Our car got ruined.”

“Oh, that’s terrible.”

CJ stood and watched Shannon’s serious face and animated hands as she told her story. She was such an outgoing girl, and CJ could now see her true character beginning to show again after the quiet spell Shannon went through after her ordeal.

“I know, and we got hurt a little bit…and my friend, Tony. He had to go to the hospital.”

Sian nodded in sympathy before CJ smiled wanly at them both.

“Okay. We really have to get going now. See you later, Sian.”

“Bye then,” Sian replied with a wave as she turned to meet her father.

Shannon took CJ’s large hand into her own in preparation for crossing the street. “Bye, Sian. See you tomorrow.” As they walked to the car, she looked up at her mother. “What kind is it?”

“It’s called a BMW.”

“That’s a funny name.”

“I guess it is. So, is Sian becoming a good friend to you?”

“Yes. We did that, um…water experiment together. Remember?”

“I sure do.”

“Well, after that we became best friends. She was new to our class, and I remember what that was like, so she enjoyed talking to me about it.”

CJ nodded and squeezed Shannon’s hand. What a kindhearted daughter we have. When she opened the car’s back door, Shannon squeaked since she had no idea who was in the car due to the privacy glass.

“Mama. And Luce!”

“Hey, Squirt,” Kate said before she kissed Shannon’s head as she climbed in beside her. “How was school?”

“Good.” Shannon leaned over Kate’s lap and did her nose-rub greeting with Lucy before buckling herself into her booster seat. ”Did you have a good day at school, Luce?” Lucy just nodded, her cheeks sucking inward as she tried to empty her juice carton.

CJ got into the driver’s seat and started the engine. “Do you ladies need to go anywhere else before we go home?”

Kate grinned at her via the rear-view mirror. “I think we’d all like to get home and go for our walk.”

“Yes!” Shannon agreed.

Lucy nodded profusely while repositioning her straw to delve deeper into the scrumptious, sweet drink.

With a nod, CJ flipped the signal and pulled out into the traffic. “Home it is, then.”

* * * * * *

Shannon was engrossed in one of her in-depth conversations with Tony. He had been with them for four weeks now, and all-in-all it had been going okay. He still had a lot of discomfort, but his injuries from the car crash were healing well. Shannon had been instrumental in his recovery, and both CJ and Kate realized how important the unusual friendship was to Tony. While Shannon happily drew a picture on his plaster cast, she regaled him with elaborate tales of her day at school.

Kate smiled at them as she returned to her tasks in the kitchen, but was sidetracked by CJ who stood just inside the backdoor with a giddy look on her stunning face.

“Katie,” CJ whispered. When Kate moved closer in response, CJ draped her arm over her shoulder before continuing her secretive whisper. “Watch this.” She pointed out into the yard where Lucy was standing in front of a sitting Kamali and holding her new, soft, soccer ball. “I saw her do this the other day. I swear they have their own language.”

CJ and Kate were transfixed as Lucy used only hand signals to guide the dog into a lying position. Kamali did as he was commanded and lay down, still on his haunches but with his front paws touching Lucy’s sneaker-covered toes. Lucy placed the soccer ball carefully on his head and held it in place with one finger. Her other arm was straight out to the side of her, parallel to the ground, and she waited until she knew Kamali was ready.

Simply whipping her arm upward commanded the dog to throw the ball by flinging his head and jumping to his feet. Kate gasped when Kamali kept the ball in the air for two bounces before it was sent across the yard to land near the sand pit. Lucy squeaked and jumped with glee, and Kamali wagged his tail furiously because he knew she was pleased with him. Lucy ran to collect the ball, and when her canine companion came back to wait in front of her again, she slipped her small arm around his neck and hugged him.

“Good doggy.” She squished her cheek to the top of his fluffy head, and CJ almost bawled. Lucy and Kamali had such a mystical and unspoken bond, and it showed in the careful way Kamali acted around her. She had instinctually learned to respect and care for him in return.

“Isn’t it cool?” CJ croaked in a whisper.

“Cool? It’s amazing. She’s taught him hand signals, just like she used before she spoke.”

CJ gave Kate’s shoulder a squeeze. “Yeah. We have two smart kids, Katie. They just have different ways of showing us how amazing they are.”

After performing the trick one more time, Lucy came bounding in the door. “Mommy! ‘Mali played the ball.”

“He did? Wow. Did you teach him how to do it?”

Lucy grasped the arms of CJ’s soft sweater as she was lifted from the ground. “Yes, and he threw it to the san’pit!”

“That’s amazing. Maybe you and Kamali need a snack before our walk, huh?”

“Crackers!” Lucy said with an energetic nod which made her curls bob around her head.

When CJ smiled and headed into the kitchen carrying her precious load, Kamali followed and went straight to his water bowl. He made loud slurping noises as he lapped up enough liquid to refresh him after his training session.

When Lucy was placed onto a stool at the counter, she smacked her lips to imitate the dog. “And a drink, please.”

“Crackers and juice coming right up,” Kate said, already closing the fridge door with a large carton of fresh orange juice in her hand.

CJ poked her head into the living room. “Do you guys want a drink before our walk?”

“Yes, please.” Shannon got up from her spot on the couch. “I’ll get you some, Tony.”

“Thanks, Shannon.” Tony looked down at Shannon’s picture of a dark-haired man in the driver’s seat of a car. He chuckled at how happy it made him feel.

Shannon came back moments later with a tumbler full of juice. “Here you go, Tony. Drink this up, and then it’s time for your walk.”

“Just like the dog, huh?”

Shannon thought seriously for a second. “Well, no, ‘cause Kamali doesn’t have a sore leg. You need to walk because of your sore leg. It’ll make it better, you know.”

Tony stifled the laugh inside him at the stern look on Shannon’s face, before he nodded seriously in agreement. When everyone had extinguished their hunger pangs for now, five humans and one dog headed along the path behind the farmhouse to make sure Tony stuck with his daily exercise routine. As he hobbled along slowly with his friends, he knew he was going to get well pretty quickly. How could he not with these incredible women in his life?

* * * * * *

“Come on, Tony. You can do it.”

As the group got closer and closer to the house, Shannon encouraged her buddy to finish the walk. He had taken a couple of breaks and was putting on a brave face for Shannon and Lucy, but CJ could see it plain as day. The sweat on his brow and cheeks, and the badly hidden gritting of his teeth showed her that he was in quite a bit of pain.

As they approached the yard, she leaned in to whisper to him. “I’d offer to carry you on my back, but I don’t want to embarrass you…”

Tony whipped his head around to look at her and saw the mischief in her twinkly eyes. “Thanks…but no thanks.” He doubled his efforts and swung himself determinedly on his crutches. His right foot took the weight of his pace, and when they got to the porch the sweat ran steadily down his temples. “How’s that?” he gasped out to Shannon.

“You did really well, Tony. And look, you beat the mommies!” the girl said, pointing back to Kate and CJ who were now sauntering behind them.

Kamali shot past Tony and stood with his tongue lolling out the side of his mouth, waiting to get into the house for a drink.

Tony blew out a breath as he pointed his crutch at the dog. “Kamali needs a drink just as much as I do.” When Shannon and Lucy’s attention went to the dog, Tony gratefully took the momentary distraction he needed to contort his face in pain as he hopped up the few steps, but CJ and Kate didn’t miss the expression twisting his young, chiseled features.

When CJ unlocked the door to let the children and the dog inside, Kate stopped in front of Tony. “Do you want me to call Cyn? I think you’ll need some help in the shower tonight.”

Tony glanced downward. He had quite a close friendship with his boss, but he still felt weird talking about personal things with her. “I’ll be okay after I rest for a bit.”

“Tony…” Kate waited until he met her eyes. “I heard CJ when she spoke to you outside the hospital. We don’t care if you cry in front of us. I can see the agony you’re in right now, and I admire you so much for how hard you’re trying to put up with it and get well. But maybe you could, you know, let us take care of you?”

Tears welled up in Tony’s hazel eyes. He couldn’t believe how supportive she and CJ had been these past weeks. “I’m really trying to let you help me, Kate.” A few tears ran freely now, and he lifted his hand abruptly to brush them away. “But I do draw the line at you helping me in the shower,” he added, throwing her a small smile.

Kate laughed and approached him for a hug. He didn’t object, so she wrapped her arms around him and his crutches. “Don’t worry, Tony. We’ll always leave that to Cyn.”


18:00 – 20:00 hours


Just as the Carsons were finishing up dinner, the doorbell forced CJ to leave the table. Tony had retired to his room with a plate of his own, and she noted the closed study door as she headed through the hallway. She found Jamie standing on the front porch with an unreadable expression on her face. “Hey, Penfold. This is an unexpected surprise. You okay?”

“Hey, DM. Yeah. I’m not sure how I ended up here, but I…”

“Come on in.” CJ frowned and hugged her before leading her into the kitchen-diner.

“Hi, Jamie,” Shannon said before taking a slurp of her milk. Lucy was too busy with her dinner to offer more than a smile at their guest.

“Hey, guys. I hope I’m not disturbing you.”

Kate smiled and waved her hand. “Not at all. Have a seat. You want some food? There’s a little left…”

“No, thanks…I…”

“She’s not sure how she ended up here,” CJ finished for her.

Kate frowned. “What’s wrong?” She hoped it wasn’t to do with her relationship with Sam, but Jamie’s next sentence put that worry to rest.

“I spoke with Andrew on the phone.”

Kate nodded. CJ had told her all about Senator Andrew Riley. “Has he gone back home already?”

“Oh no, no…he’s still in protective custody. They gave him a secured phone line,” Jamie said, shaking her head. CJ copied the motion next to her. They both knew the trial had been delayed at least twice already. Witnesses were ‘disappearing,’ and defense attorneys were stalling.

“Oh. So what did he say to upset you?”

“He…he said they split up about ten years ago.”

CJ and Kate looked at one another as they figured out that Jamie was talking about her parents.

“I’m sorry, Jamie,” CJ appeased softly as Kate got up and hugged Jamie before collecting the empty plates.

“Can we go watch TV for a while, Mama?” Shannon asked, finding the grown-up talk a little dull.

“Sure. Take Lucy and go in the crèche,” Kate answered, knowing the crèche only had a DVD player – no cable TV service – and a pile of the children’s favorite films.

Once the two girls had skipped off, CJ turned back to her colleague. “So tell me what else he said.”

Jamie played with her bottom lip as she spoke. “He said they’re still friends…”


“That’s it really. She lives in Virginia, and he lives here in California. I…I didn’t even know he lived here. And what if…I mean, he said they split ten years ago. What if it was all my fault?” Jamie threw her head into her hands.

Kate came back and laid a comforting hand on Jamie’s shoulder. “Did he actually say it was because of you?”

“Well no, but…”

“So don’t assume anything. He’s a US senator. It’s possible they could have drifted apart because of his career, or any number of other reasons.”

Jamie looked up to see Kate’s compassionate eyes gazing back at her. “I guess…but the timing seems about right for it to be me. I mean, I just left them. I walked away without even saying goodbye. It must have put a terrible strain on them. I was such a fu-” She looked around for the children, and not seeing them anywhere around, she whispered. “I was such a fuck-up. Leaving a note for your parents saying you’d been attacked and you’re leaving…and then never getting in touch with them again? Fuck up. And then I changed my name, for cryin’ out loud.” Her face was thrown back into her cupped hands and a slow, heartbreaking moan left her throat.

“Why didn’t you go to see Sam? You know she can always talk you out of this sort of thinking,” CJ offered amicably.

“She’s away on location right now, but I just felt like I needed…uh…you, anyway. Is that bad?”

CJ encompassed her in a hug. “Of course it’s not bad. I’m honored.”

Jamie craned her neck to give her an incredulous look, but she saw only genuine love on CJ’s face.

Kate smiled at the two of them before she decided a coffee was in order and headed to the kitchen cabinet to find a mug.

Shannon chose that moment to come back into the kitchen. “I can’t get the player to work.” She noticed Jamie with her sad look and tear-filled eyes. Shannon frowned and her sensitive side asserted itself as she approached. She climbed onto the stool next to Jamie and leaned her elbow on the island counter. “What’s wrong?”

Jamie quickly dabbed her eyes and smiled. “Oh, nothing, Shannon.”

“It must be something. But usually when Mommy or Mama hugs me like that…” Shannon said as she pointed to CJ’s long arm around Jamie’s shoulder. “I feel much better.”

“I feel okay now.” Jamie nodded to try to convince her, but Shannon looked skeptical.

“Hmm. Maybe because you’re a bigger person than me, you need Mommy and Mama to hug you at the same time.”

Kate stifled her chuckle as she shuffled over to the group. “She has a point, Jamie. Here…” she flung her arms around Jamie’s neck and felt CJ do the same from the other side. Soon, Jamie’s face was squished between her two friends making her resemble a three-headed monster with squirrel-like cheeks. Jamie couldn’t help but smile, and Shannon pointed excitedly at her.

“See? It worked!”

They all broke into a quiet chorus of giggles at the amazed expression lingering on Shannon’s face. CJ gave Jamie an extra squeeze before they broke the life-affirming contact. Kate moved off to continue with the coffee-making, and CJ stood leaning her hip on the counter as she looked at her daughter. “So, what’s wrong with the DVD?”

“It won’t play. Can you help me?”

“Of course-”

Just as CJ was about to move, Jamie abruptly stood. “Let me see if I can fix it.”

A certain look passed between the two friends, and CJ received the message loud and clear. Jamie needed a distraction. She needed to feel useful, and so CJ nodded in acknowledgement before she watched Shannon lead Jamie into the crèche. She turned toward Kate. “Do you ever get the feeling that Shannon is much older than seven?”

Kate laughed. “Yes. She’s very intuitive and attentive to people’s emotions.”

“I know. Come on. Let’s go join them. Maybe what Jamie needs is to watch Finding Nemo. I mean, Nemo’s dad loses him, and then at the end, a happy reunion. I think it’s very apt.”

With a loving smile, Kate turned to her spouse. “Are you saying Jamie has a lucky fin?”

CJ groaned before it morphed into a throaty chuckle. “I don’t know. You’d need to ask Sam about something like that.”

Kate feigned a shocked face and handed a mug of coffee to CJ. “Let’s go cheer up our friend. You guys can talk about the serious stuff later.”

And so everyone ended up on the pile of beanbags in the crèche, watching Finding Nemo and sometimes saying the next line in the movie before it came up on screen. After a while, Jamie was laughing along with the rest of the family, and her mood had been considerably lightened. The coffee might have helped too. It was perfectly delicious. Jamie sighed as she briefly scanned the people surrounding her. She looked down at Lucy who sat in her lap before kissing her curly-haired head. When her eyes rested back on the TV screen, she smiled and felt herself relax once again.

Another wave of surprise and disbelief washed over her at the fact that she had some incredible friends in her life now – so different to ten years ago. And now I’m so different to the person I was ten years ago. I’m a fricking grown-up, and I’ll make it right with Dad…and Mom.

It was a tiny breakthrough for her to call them mom and dad in her private thoughts, and as she sat there, her eyebrow crawled upward as she pondered it more. She eventually decided that the Carsons had some sort of magical power: the magical power of love.


20:00 – 22:00 hours


After Jamie left, CJ was up in the bathroom helping Lucy brush her teeth while Kate headed into Shannon’s room to switch on the nightlight and put away some clean clothes.

As she pushed the drawer shut, she turned to see her daughter walk through the door. “Hey, Shan. Ready for a story?”

“Yes, but wait a minute…” Shannon ran back out to the top of the stairs. “Night, Tony!” When she heard a goodnight from downstairs, she skipped back into her room.

Kate sat on the edge of Shannon’s bed as the girl approached. “When did you do that?” she inquired, pointing at the chunky, pewter frame with three figural characters all holding hands on the bottom corner, and the words, “Piglet, Pooh and Tigger Too” engraved beside them. It held a picture of all four Carsons when they were on their recent camping adventure.

“I really liked the pictures we took when we were camping, and I asked Mommy to print one for me.”

“You had a picture of your daddy in there. Where did you put that one?” Kate asked quietly as Shannon came to stand in front of her.

“I put it in my album…in the drawer there.” Shannon pointed to the nightstand then looked down to play with her fingers.

Kate took her small hands and rubbed them gently. “Wouldn’t you like them both out? We could get you another frame, you know.”

“No…because that’s my family in this picture. Look. Kamali’s in it too.”

Kate gazed at her child whose eyebrows were climbing up her forehead, willing her mama to see Kamali as he sat proudly beside them in the picture. Kate looked down and nodded. “Your daddy’s still your family even though he isn’t here anymore…and so is your first mommy and Simon and Craig. It’s okay to want pictures of them too.”

Shannon kept a tight hold of Kate’s hands. She shifted forward and wedged herself between her mother’s knees. “I know. I have lots of pictures in my album, but look at this…” She turned the top half of her body and picked up the frame, facing it toward Kate. “See? We’re all laughing.”

“Yes. That’s because we’re happy.”

“I know but…” Shannon frowned as she thought about how to make Kate understand what she felt. “We do that a lot. When…when me and Lucy lived with my first mommy…and daddy, we didn’t smile a lot, and Lucy never even spoke. But we’re home now, and we laugh because you laugh…and we all love each other. And you…you want to laugh with us. That’s my family,” she said, pressing her little finger against the glass. When Shannon looked back at Kate’s face, she saw tears. She reached up and touched her damp cheek. “Don’t cry, Mama.”

“Happy tears,” Kate replied.

“See? Always happy,” the intelligent seven-year-old said, holding both her hands out flat like it was so obvious.

“How did you get to be so smart and beautiful, huh?”

Shannon’s head sunk between her shoulders as she shrugged.

Kate smiled and lifted her onto her lap. When two arms came around her neck, she held Shannon tightly. “I love you, Shan.”

“Love you too, Mama.”

* * * * * *

Shannon woke up close to ten PM and remembered her fading dream about Tony’s sore leg. She wandered from her bedroom and went downstairs to check on her friend. In her sleepy state, she didn’t think to knock the study door and walked into Tony’s private space without warning.

Tony was positive he had locked the door, but hearing it creak open now, a hot flush washed over him when he realized he had neglected the simplest of tasks on his return from the downstairs shower-room. As he tried to hurry to change into his pajama pants, he fell backwards onto the nearby chair and clattered his plaster-cast against the wood sending a sharp pain through his entire body. He was mortified to see Shannon walk in as he tried desperately to cover his genitals. The pain on his face was very obvious, but he fought valiantly to hide it as he shifted his weight in the chair.

“Tony, are you okay?” Shannon exclaimed, fast-approaching him worriedly.

“Shannon, wait right there. I…I need to…” He realized he was too late to avoid her seeing him, and he shoved the scrunched-up pajama pants against his crotch. He felt incredibly embarrassed, but when he looked at Shannon, it seemed she hadn’t been affected by the incident at all, except maybe to worry about him falling. She stood a few feet away from him and waited patiently. Her face held nothing but complete innocence, and Tony wondered why society had such a taboo about the naked human form.

Still, that taboo was firmly ingrained in him, and he quickly scooted to the bed, reached for the sheet to give himself better coverage, and sat composing himself on the side of the mattress. “Sorry, Shannon. I was just getting changed into my pajamas.”

Shannon looked at him. He seemed a little upset, and she hoped it wasn’t her who had upset him. Apart from noticing that his body looked different from her mommies, everything seemed normal to her. “I could help you, if you want?”

“No. No, thank you. I can manage by myself. What are you doing up? Did you have a bad dream?”

“Yes, a dream about your sore leg. I wanted to see if you were okay.”

CJ came into the hallway from the living room when she heard the voices, and stopped outside the study door. She raised her eyebrow at the unusual sight, and knew immediately that Tony had been caught short. It had happened to her and Kate many times before.

“Hey, guys. Everything okay?” she asked Tony with a grin to make sure he knew she wasn’t concerned.

Tony shrugged and took on a sheepish look. “I forgot to lock my door when I came back from the bathroom.”

“Ah. Gotcha.” CJ took in the way Tony held onto the sheet like his life depended on it and decided to get Shannon back up the stairs. “Come on, Shan. Let’s get you back to bed, huh?”

“Okay, Mommy.” The girl turned her head as they left the room. “If you need help to get dressed, just ask me, Tony. I can help you.”

“Thank you, Shannon. Goodnight.”


As they left, CJ pulled the door closed behind her and went upstairs hand-in-hand with Shannon. Once she had tucked her into her bed, she sat on the edge of the mattress and leaned over until her two arms were on either side of Shannon’s torso. “So, how come you’re awake, young lady?”

The cheeky look on CJ’s face told Shannon she wasn’t in trouble. “I had a dream about Tony’s sore leg, and I just wanted to make sure he was all right,” she said honestly.

“Did you knock on Tony’s door first?”

“N-no. I forgot.”

“That’s okay. Just try to remember that people need their privacy.”

“We don’t knock on each other’s doors in our house, so I think that’s why I didn’t…but I was sleepy too,” Shannon added worriedly.

“Honey, you’re not in trouble.” CJ pursed her lips. “Is there anything you want to ask me about what you saw?”

“You mean, about Tony’s body?”


“Well…I just noticed it’s different from you and Mama’s,” Shannon said quietly. She had spoken to her parents about all sorts of things since she came to live with them, and she was much more forthcoming these days.

“It sure is. That’s because Tony’s a man.”

“His chest is smaller, but that’s because ladies have bigger chests because they feed their babies that way.”

CJ nodded. “Some ladies do, yes. You’re very smart, Shan.”

“I am?” When her mommy nodded, she thought about what else she wanted to ask. “When…when I walked into Tony’s room, I saw his bottom. He got upset and covered it up real fast, but I saw it looks different.”

CJ thought about how to word things and knew in her heart that she would tell Shannon the truth in the simplest terms she could think of. “Well, what you saw was his penis.”

Shannon scrunched up her face. “Penis?”

“Yes. That’s what men have between their legs.”

“Is that what was hanging down?” Shannon said, showing her what she meant by swinging her finger in the air.

CJ kept her face neutral but knew she would never tell Tony of this discussion. It would embarrass the young man no end. “Yes. Do you remember when you asked me about the soft skin between your legs?” When Shannon shyly nodded, she went on. “Well, men have a penis and women have a clitoris.”

“I remember you told me about that.” Shannon nodded as her young mind whirred around at speed.

“Do you remember I told you that nobody should ever look at you there, or touch you there, if you don’t want them to?”

“Yes. Only you and Mama have looked there. And when I hurt myself you even asked me if it was okay.” Shannon chuckled at that. “Remember?”

“I remember. But that was when you first came here, and I wanted to make sure you were comfortable with it. We’re your parents now, and we want you to be safe and happy. It’s a special part of your body, and nobody should see it or touch it unless me or Mama say it’s okay, and you agree. So, maybe that’s why Tony was worried when you saw him, huh?”

“Oh! Yes, maybe.”

CJ felt slightly relieved that Shannon seemed to understand her rather vague explanation. She and Kate were still learning how to handle this parenthood thing, and she knew it would be a lifelong journey. “So that’s why you should knock the door. I know Tony living here is unusual, and we don’t knock the doors if it’s just our family that’s here, but try to remember to give Tony his privacy, okay?”

“I understand, Mommy.”

CJ placed a tiny kiss on her nose. “Do you need to ask me anything else?”

“What’s the penis for?”

Oh boy. CJ thought quickly. “Where does the pee come from when you go to the toilet?”

Shannon though back to their conversation a while ago. “You said it comes from a teeny hole near my cli-tris.”

“That’s right, but you can’t really see it, can you?”

“No…but you said you’d get a book one day, and show me a picture.”

“And I will, honey. Anyway…in men and boys, that teeny hole I told you about is at the end of their penis. That’s how they pee.”


“Yep.” CJ figured Shannon was still too young to talk about making babies and having sex. She hoped it would be a long while before she had to tell her about the birds and the bees. “If you need to ask anything more, Shannon, always know you can come to me or Mama. We can all talk together too, about anything, okay?”

“Even about private things?”

Especially about private things. Mama and I will always keep you safe and do our best to explain things so that you understand.”

Shannon got up on her knees and kissed CJ’s lips. “Thanks, Mommy.”

“You’re welcome. Now get some sleep, beautiful girl, and I’ll see you in the morning.”

As CJ dimmed the Piglet nightlight and got up to leave, Shannon snuggled down into her covers. “Night.”

“Night, Squirt.”


22:00 – 00:00 hours


CJ dropped her long body down on the couch with an exaggerated sigh. She released every muscle as her head came to rest on Kate’s lap.

“Where did you go?” Kate asked while running her fingers through CJ’s dark locks.

“I heard voices in the hallway when you were in the kitchen, and I went to investigate…”

“Who was it?”

“Poor Tony.” CJ covered her face as a laugh escaped, revealing to her wife that it wasn’t a serious issue. “Shannon had a dream about Tony’s injury, and she came down to check on him. She walked right in on him while he was trying to get his PJ’s on.”

“Oh, no. Poor Tony indeed. I bet that embarrassed him,” Kate murmured as she scratched over CJ’s scalp making her close her eyes.

“He seemed a tad uncomfortable, yeah. He was very naked apart from the sheet he had grabbed to cover his manhood, and when I put Shannon to bed, she and I had…a talk.”

“Do tell,” Kate said with a grin.

“I told her to always ask us anything she wanted to know. That was after we discussed the difference between male and female genitalia.” CJ opened her eyes and met understanding green ones above her.

“I bet you did great.”

“I think I did okay. She seemed to understand. Remember I talked to her about how her pee comes out?”

Kate chuckled. “Yes. You are such a good mommy.”

“So are you. You’re the one who had to tell her about vaginas and periods when she insisted on knowing where the blood on your towel came from. She seems to want to know everything all of a sudden. She’ll be asking about how babies are made before we know it. God, she’s so curious…like you.” CJ flicked the tip of her finger over the end of Kate’s nose and smiled at the mischievous look staring back at her. “Anyway, I told her that men and boys have the same kind of hole as ladies do for pee, but it’s on the end of their penis.”

“Did you use the word penis?”

“Of course.”

“Good. I’m proud of you, honey. I hate when parents try to use every word under the sun instead of just calling it like it is. I think it makes it even more taboo for kids if they know they’re not supposed to say the real word,” Kate grumbled as she leaned forward to plant a kiss on CJ’s irresistible forehead.

CJ felt the soft lips and let the warmth wash through her. “I’m just glad she didn’t ask anything else tonight. My parental energy reserves were depleting fast.”

Kate laughed and pulled CJ up to meet her mouth. “Just your parental energy reserves, I hope,” she purred, letting the words vibrate against CJ’s lips.

CJ let out a low growl and gladly accepted the contact. She ended up straddling Kate as the kiss deepened and their tongues danced slowly around one another, tasting their love and feeling the alluring pull on their groins. Their hands began to roam, and Kate pushed under CJ’s shirt to drag her nails tantalizingly up her back. CJ gasped into Kate’s mouth, and their passion escalated to the next level. CJ ground her crotch into Kate’s, her breasts pressing against her lover’s, her mouth never leaving the hot cavern between Kate’s aching lips.

Tony hobbled into the living room and stopped dead, frozen to the spot. “Uh…”

CJ turned her face quickly, and a bright-red flush began creeping up her neck. “Shit…sorry, Tony.” She wasn’t sure why she apologized, but it slipped out coyly as she licked the moisture off her lips.

Kate just laughed. “Well,” she panted, trying to get her breath back. “It has certainly been a night of embarrassing moments, huh?”

Tony saw the grin on Kate’s face, but CJ almost seemed scared – although he knew that would definitely not be the case. CJ suddenly realized she probably looked like a deer caught in headlights and broke into the huskiest laughter he had ever heard. It released the momentary tension in him.

“It should be me saying sorry, CJ. I just, uh, needed some water to take my painkillers.”

“Come in, man,” CJ said, climbing off Kate and trying to ignore the dampness between her legs. “We can control ourselves.”

A hoot of laughter escaped from Kate, showing that she didn’t necessarily agree with that assessment. She looked over at Tony who was now on the move again. “Tony, please don’t be embarrassed. CJ and I are glad you’re staying with us, but we have a…healthy relationship, you know? It just overwhelms us sometimes.”

“Oh, I’m not embarrassed as such. Just not sure I could handle seeing two gorgeous women doing that again without having a heart-attack. I’m just a red-blooded man, after all,” Tony answered with uncharacteristic boldness and calm.

Kate didn’t miss the compliment and raised her eyebrows as he passed them by while throwing her a sideways glance. She was still smiling when he hobbled into the kitchen. “I see. Well, we’ll make sure to pipe down when we go upstairs,” she chanced.

CJ chuckled beside her wicked wife, and when Tony came back with a glass of water in his free hand, she licked her lips seductively making his eyes pop out of his head. “Yeah, Tony. We’ll be quiet.”

“Just because I wasn’t embarrassed before, doesn’t mean I won’t be if you keep that up…”

CJ got up when she saw him struggling to keep the liquid in his glass. “Give me that, and you should be using two crutches still. You could just have shouted, and I would’ve brought it to you,” she chastised, taking him by the arm.

When they got to the door of the study, she handed him the water, and he put it on the side table before answering her. “I had to come get it myself. You would never have heard me with all that blood thundering around your body.”

CJ’s jaw dropped, but her eyes sparkled with mirth. “Have a peaceful night, Tony,” she said, sticking her tongue out as the door started to close.

“Have a passionate night, CJ,” he retorted just before the lock clicked.

“I heard that…” shouted a fake-stern voice from the living room.

“Ooh, you’re in trouble now, boy.” CJ’s imitation cowboy accent drew a laugh from inside the study, and she smirked before returning to Kate. “That man is getting a little too comfortable now.”

“It’s your fault. You’ve been teasing him since he got here,” Kate reminded as CJ mounted her lap again. “Hey. What are you doing?”

“Oh, that was a mild protest at best, my dear. And look…my, my…your arms seem to have gone around my waist all on their own,” CJ drawled. “Maybe we should give him a proper show.”

“Now I know you’re teasing,” Kate murmured as she took the hot, probing tongue into her mouth. The kiss consumed her, but when they came up for air she remembered the conversation…difficult as that was. “I don’t want him to ever be that comfortable, so take me to bed…Ciara.”

CJ fell head over heels into the alluring eyes of her soulmate. She saw the desire that mirrored her own and heard the name echoing in her ears. Saliva filled her mouth, and her entire body ached for Kate’s touch. She got up quickly, switched off all but one light, and came back to scoop Kate off the couch. As she carried her partner upstairs, Kate nibbled along her neck and collar bone making her long, powerful legs wobble under them as they made their way along the upper hallway. When CJ lowered Kate onto the mattress, her heart, mind, and body longed for her. It was going to be a passionate night, indeed.


00:00 hours – Sleep.


Everyone in the house was asleep except Kate. She was lying on her back in bed, fully relaxed, fully sated, and fully tired. Her mouth and nose were pressed gently onto CJ’s dark head of hair that rested on her shoulder, and her arms were filled with six feet of slumbering federal agent. CJ’s strong thighs were wrapped around her knees from the side, and her left arm was draped over Kate’s collar bone, her hand tangled lovingly in her blond hair. It felt blissful. They had made love to one another and remained surprisingly quiet throughout. Kate grinned to herself when she remembered CJ stuffing a corner of one of the pillows in her mouth when it all got to be too much, then smirked with pride that she could elicit such a powerful response from her.

Kissing CJ’s hair and inhaling her scent, Kate closed her eyes and felt her breaths deepen. Before long, the entire house fell silent under a half-full moon and a billion twinkling stars, and in a medium-sized bedroom filled with the soft glow of a Piglet-shaped nightlight, Shannon Anne Carson dreamed of being a doctor who could heal her friend’s broken leg. Who knows what she would grow up to be, with the care, nurturing, encouragement, and guidance of her loving parents?


The End…

©2016 StageFreak Productions


  1. So sweet!

    • 🙂

  2. Lovley

    • 🙂

  3. Good parental sex education

    • LOL 🙂

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